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Circa Music - News


Discovery Of The Week: The Orielles

'Gig Slutz' had a few words to say about The Orielles latest music video for 'Space Doubt'

"‘Space Doubt’s video is a DIY 240p masterpiece of swirling interior design shots and the preparation of trippy as fuck munchies. Let’s be honest, Heston Blumenthal has probably tried spaghetti with soap and Carling a few times in his life, so why shouldn’t The Orielles?"


LAS KELLIES are coming back to EU/UK in 2015

Comprised of guitarist Ceci Kelly and drummer Sil Costa, LAS KELLIES cut their teeth on the Argentinian music scene, patterning their sound after the raw post-punk of 70's all-female groups like the Slits and the Raincoats. After releasing independently two punky dancey and new wave-inspired albums, LAS KELLIES signed in 2010 to Fire Records for their third outing, *Kellies*. In 2011 Fire released the 7" split *Erase you* with both LAS KELLIES and ESG versions. In the next LP released by Fire, *Total Exposure*, dub and hip-hop influence turned the raw and wild post-punk of LAS KELLIES into a more elegant and shiny sound.

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