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Circa Music - The Orielles


Of all the things Halifax, West Yorkshire, has produced over the years music isn’t the first that springs to mind. Least of all the kind of sounds that invoke sun-kissed, windswept beaches, whilst nodding to the great American dream, pre-rot. 

Nevertheless, The Orielles call this Pennine market town home, and have audible surf-rock influences coursing through their guitar chords, not to mention classic rock ‘n’ roll sensibilities and a healthy dose of innovation. Simultaneously touching on The Pixies and today’s lo-fi garage pop purveyors too, theirs is a bountiful melting pot of melodic ideas and youthful energy that betrays a natural skill for composing memorable, catchy and- most importantly- quality songs. 

Comprising three members, sisters Esme and Sidonie Hand-Halford (respectively lead vocalist/bassist and drummer), along with strummer Henry Wade, the trio met at a house party where, rather conveniently, a few instruments happened to be lying around. Cue an impromptu jam session wherein the players found a mutual rhythm, which was soon followed by rehearsals in basements, gigs from Leeds to London and praise from tastemakers such as the NME, Steve Lamacq and Louder Than War. 

Definite ones to watch, if you haven’t already been keeping an eye on them, with so many merits to comment on it’s almost not worth mentioning the fact all members have yet to turn 18. Already impressively assured, matured and accomplished, unsurprisingly fans and critics alike are eager to hear how their story continues.